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The award will be open for entries from Monday 5th June

This prestigious award recognises the very highest standards of romantic fiction and attracts best-selling authors from around the world. Each year, more than two hundred novels are submitted by publishers in the hope of winning this coveted title.

All eligible books must first be submitted to one of seven specific categories of the RoNA (Romantic Novel Award).  The winners of these seven categories will then constitute the Romantic Novel of the Year shortlist.

The categories are:-

  • The RoNA for a Contemporary Romantic Novel
  • The RoNA for an Epic Romantic Novel
  • The RoNA for a Historical Romantic Novel
  • The RoNA for a Romantic Comedy Novel
  • The RoNA for a Paranormal or Speculative Romantic Novel
  • The RoNA Rose Award
  • The RoNA for a Young Adult Romantic Novel

The books are first assessed by members of the public - book-lovers who are not actively writing or members of the RNA.  The highest scoring books are then given a fourth read by selected RNA members who have no vested interest in that particular category or book.  The fourth score is added to the other three to make the final total and this determines both the short lists and the winner of each category, which is the book with the highest overall score.  The category winners are announced at our annual Awards Event.

The winner of the Romantic Novel of the Year is then selected from amongst the seven RoNA award winners by an independent panel of judges, with the result announced at the Awards Event, after the other awards have been presented.

To enter a book for the RoNA you first need to set up an account on the system you can either do this as an individual author or as publisher.

  • As an author you can enter up to two books per year. 
  • As a publisher you can enter up to fifteen books on behalf of your authors, for example  2 books each for 7 different authors or one book each on behalf of 15 authors. It is up to you to choose your those books that you feel best meet the criteria of the awards.

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