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Romantic Novel Awards

The award will be open for entries from Monday 18th June 2018

Please read the full rules and regulations before entering:

This prestigious award recognises the very highest standards of romantic fiction and attracts best-selling authors from around the world. Each year, three hundred novels are submitted by publishers in the hope of winning this coveted title.

We encourage entries from authors irrespective of class, race, nationality, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion or background. And we welcome books with characters reflecting the full diversity of the real world.

All eligible books must be submitted to one of the following categories of the Romantic Novel Awards.  

The categories are:-

  • Contemporary Romantic Novel sponsored by Goldsboro Books: Stories about the here and now, where romance forms a substantive part of the story. Any novel set predominantly in the last 50 years.
  • Historical Romantic Novel sponsored by Goldsboro Books: Stories set in the past, showing historic worlds, where romance forms a substantive part of the story. Any novel predominantly set 50 years or more in the past.
  • Romantic Comedy Novel: For romantic novels which are consistently funny.
  • Fantasy Romantic Novel: For romantic novels with elements of science-fiction, fantasy or paranormal. This includes timeslip (where a character moves between time periods) and time travel novels.
  • Shorter Romantic Novel: For shorter romantic novels, serials or novellas. These may range from magazine serials, short stories of no less than 30 000 words to shorter novels of no more than 70 000 words approximately. Entries may represent any aspect of the romantic genre.
  • Debut Romantic Novel sponsored by Katie Fforde: For the best romantic novel by a first-time author. Entries may represent any aspect of the romantic genre.

The winners and shortlists will be selected by our panel of volunteer readers; book-lovers who are not actively writing or members of the RNA. The short-lists for each category are released prior to the Annual March Awards Event, and the final category winners are announced at the Event.

To enter a book for the Romantic Novel awards you first need to set up an account on the system: you can either do this as an individual author or as publisher. It is up to you to choose those books that you feel best meet the different criteria of the awards.

  • As an author you can enter up to two books per year. 
  • As a publisher you can enter up to 15 books on behalf of your authors, with a limit of two books per author. 

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